Intelligent Personal Payday Loans and Cheap Paycheck

Intelligent Personal Payday Loans and Cheap Paycheck


Geru loan smartly is an online site that promises to lend money at lower interest rates than the current competitors who vie for the credit market using web tools as a means of attracting potential clients. Geru site as well as others on the Internet are debuting on the Brazilian web.


A Geru – personal loan and online payroll


A Geru - personal loan and online payroll


The site is at – at this electronic address it is possible to obtain personal loans starting from R $ 2 thousand up to R $ 35 thousand, which can be paid in installments with terms of one to three years, interest rates vary between 1.90% and 5.02% per month. Like the Trigg personal loan of the OMNI Financeira, the Geru loan acts as the bank correspondent only for Banco Bracce.

How does the Geru loan work ? The process is simple: You first need to access Geru’s website , it is completely intuitive, select the value you want, choose the values ​​for the simulation and to finish the process, you select the purpose of the loan. Once this is done, simply fill in all your personal data that the “Geru loan” website system returns with a credit proposal.

Once knowing the terms of the loan and the amounts that you will pay, term and everything, just complete. To close the contract, request online that they send as soon as possible. The dilemma of the Geru site is the deadline for release, if you are in a hurry, forget, the release takes place within 10 days.

In addition to waiting almost 10 days, the applicant still runs the risk of not having the loan approved , but if approved the money will fall directly into the current checking account. To do all this the client does not even have to leave the house, unless he does not have access to the Internet at home, lol.

Is Loan Reliable?

Is Geru Loan Reliable?

Of course, the company follows all the guidelines imposed by regulatory agencies. In addition, the site has https // protection of banks and large financial institutions, that is, all information is encrypted, only they have access to your data. Another important detail is the number of complaints in sites of the type reclamao and reclameaqui, practically does not have.

Geru has in its site pages of privacy policy and terms of use that leave specified its conduct in relation to the data that you provide in the site and how they use that data. So we can say that Geru is a reliable and secure site .

The payment of the requested and approved personal loan can be done using the ticket or the more practical, debit account. To apply for Geru’s smart loan , you must be over 18 years old, have your own checking account with any financial institution and present proof of residency.

Geru loan conditions

An uninteresting detail is that Geru charges a service fee of 5% if the value of the loan is granted. According to the company’s representative, Reiss, this 5% fee is charged to cover the use of the platform and cover operating costs for the loan (actually it is commission).

Does Geru make consignment loans too?

The new modality provided by Geru, the payroll loan, offers interest rates more competitive than the other types of credit, starts with 1.8% per month. Those who need small or large amounts will not find it difficult, on the contrary, they can take payroll loans from R $ 2,000 to R $ 80,000, according to the margin of the retiree or the pensioner.

The process is all done online, which in addition to giving the client much more practicality, also eliminates the risks thanks to negotiation done directly on the platform. Geru’s payroll loan is being tested since the end of 2017 and is ready for the public. The service was specially designed for retirees and pensioners of INSS, even for those averse to internet.

Geru is granting the payroll loan through a partnership with Banco Cetelem. Banco Cetelem has been offering consignments throughout Brazil for many years through correspondents such as Geru. If you want to get cheap loan, payroll is the best option of the moment.